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Katrina I. Gould, MSW, LCSW

Body-based Psychotherapy and Couples Therapy
Phone: 503.702.0877

Photo of Katrina GouldClinical Social Worker licensed through the State of Oregon, Master's in Social Work

In May of this year, Katrina Gould celebrated 21 years as a Portland psychotherapist. Early in her career, she worked in agencies that provided mental health services to children, teens, and adults in individual, family and group therapy settings. In her private practice, Katrina challenged herself to address the diverse therapeutic needs of each client who walked in her door. Over time, she developed a passion for and noticed a strength in working with couples, and with people in trauma recovery.

In 2002, Katrina became convinced that the body could be as natural a resource for healing and processing as a person's thoughts and feelings. She searched for a body-based psychotherapy that would add to her training and experience. A year later, she learned about Pat Ogden and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Katrina has taken numerous trainings in this body-centered approach to treating trauma. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy invites the body in as a full partner to our mind and emotions in addressing our therapeutic issues. Katrina has also attended several trainings at Portland's META Institute, enriching her knowledge of the body as it is understood through both Hakomi and the Re-Creation of Self approaches taught at the Institute.

In 2003, Katrina was attracted to two complementary approaches to couples therapy: Collaborative Couples Therapy as taught by Dan Wile, PhD, and Relational Life Therapy as taught by Terence Real. Katrina blends CCT's attention to the already-existing productive and connecting messages in a couple's communication with RLT's commitment to summoning each member's best self as they work on the troubling aspects of their dynamic.

Whether with individuals or couples, Katrina seeks to reduce suffering, help clients develop a more affirming sense of themselves, change damaging beliefs, and increasingly unify the body and mind. She discovers with her clients how our mind, emotions, physical experiences, and relationships can be resources capable of healing our deepest wounds.

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