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Shamanic Work & Guided Imagery

Sandy Shore, Ph.D, L.P.C.

Photo of Sandy ShoreSomatic Experiencing (S.E.) is a talk therapy that tracks and trusts the client’s fight, flight, and freeze responses: the autonomic nervous system. By attuning and attending to changes in breath, skin color, the eyes, muscle tone, and movement, S.E. helps to free the energy bound by the “story.” The activation-discharge cycle of the nervous system can be restored – resulting in symptom resolution and relief from syndromal conditions.

Oregon Spiritual Emergence Network a legal non-profit in Oregon, supports people in spiritual and religious crises. Acceptance, containment and counseling are available for experiences of kundalini and communication with spiritual beings. The sooner services are sought the better. None are pathologized or turned away for lack of resources.

C’hi Gong instruction. Sandy is certified by Bruce Frantzis in Dragon Tiger, Gods Playing in the Clouds, Energy Gates. These Taoist internal arts return the body to its natural harmony by reducing stress and tension, strengthening breath and generating energy. This is healing work; different parts of different forms address different physical distortions and challenges. Call for a complimentary consult. Beginning and advanced students are encouraged.

Shamanic Healing Shamanic work is often associated with soul retrieval. Here the person has lost a piece of her soul or essence; and the task for the practitioner is to enlist the help of the spirits in finding, healing and reintroducing the lost part (s) in the client. Commonly, one doesn’t want all the oneself there when the car hits the wall, when the abuser approaches, when the loss is too much to bear. When one is carrying something that doesn’t belong with them, this may call for shamanic extraction. The practitioner enlists the help of the spirits in finding the intrusion in or around the client’s body, removing it, and in recycling it. There is also psychopomp work and at times, house or barn clearings.

Inner Advisor Work This work utilizes a person’s unconscious or imagination through guided imagery. The purpose in this work is to introduce persons to an inner figure who can assist them. This could be in the form of an inner advisor, an inner doctor, or an inner teacher. There are specific ways to conduct this work so that this inner connection happens and deepens. This approach can be significant in conjunction with the work of physicians treating patients.


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