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Julia Hanfling, RD, CDE

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     Diabetes Coaching

Individualized guidance addressing pre-diabetes, advanced complications, and everything in between. Julia takes an approach of balancing foods, glucose testing, medication and supplements, movement, and stress-reduction. She collaborates with medical doctors, naturopaths, and other providers, offering a roadmap towards truly comprehensive care.

     Nutrition Coaching

Personalized guidance for individuals facing nutrition-related health concerns. These include heart disease, intestinal disorders, chronic inflammation, and much more. Julia takes a whole-person approach, incorporating conventional and complementary practices.

     Hawthorne Diabetes Group (HDG)

Julia hosts the Hawthorne Diabetes Group, a monthly community gathering open to the public. The Hawthorne Diabetes Group provides a platform for anyone impacted by diabetes to share their experiences, strengths and uncertainties. Each month highlights a different topic. To learn more and join the HDG, go to

     Group Presentations

Offering presentations to groups of all sizes - from small community groups to large conferences - on a topics ranging from diabetes on a budget, sleep and stress, integrated management, and much more.


     Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD) - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

     Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) - American Association of Diabetes Educators

     Licensed Dietitian (LD) - Oregon

     Bachelor of Science, Clinical Nutrition - Oregon State University


Julia has worked as a diabetes educator and medical nutritionist for over 20 years. She builds a foundation of kindness and self-compassion, always working “on your own terms” without judgement or pressure. Changes for diabetes and nutrition can be challenging and there is no need for shame or blame.


In her personal time, Julia enjoys riding her bike, gardening, making soap, spending time outdoors, and playing the piano. She is married with two adult daughters. Julia returned to Portland in 1990 and now lives in the house where she was raised in the Hawthorne neighborhood.


Julia’s services are covered on many insurance plans and your coverage and out-of-pockets costs can be determined by the first visit.

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